If the large-scale project is realized, real estate speculation in Kreuzberg and Neukölln will be taken further. This is often called “upgrading”. But for whom? Already now, the only ones profiting from tax-funded redevelopment of squares and streets are landlords and investors.

For all others this simply means: displacement. This is especially true for people who are poor and/or affected by racist discrimination, as it implies a threat to their existence. This is why it is blatantly cynical to speak of “upgrading”- in reality we get disenfranchised and exploited!

Our problems are getting worse: 

  • Rents in the north of Neukölln rose by 146% in the last 10 years
  • The loss of migrant-owned and self-run stores is enormous
  • The rent cap is not a long-term solution as it ends with the planned completion of the new building in 2025
  • Berlin’s neighborhood preservation policy [Milieuschutz] and pre-emptive buying rights [Vorkaufsrecht] do not prevent speculation

We want an open and livable city for all and not the furthering of divisions within our neighborhoods. Hermannplatz has to remain a metropolitan space for the people and not be cleared from the people to become the “clean” space investors dream about.